Translation of medical texts is one of the most complex and demanding areas of our work. People's lives, ultimately, depend on the translation of medical records. We understand the price of a possible oversight in our work. Mistake or inaccuracy in the registration dossier may result in delay of drug registration that might result in multimillion-dollar losses. However, as the true professionals of medical translation, we get great pleasure from what makes an adequate contribution to improving the quality of life.

Please find the list of medical translation services we can provide:
  • Pharmaceutical Documentation (labelling, registration dossier for drugs, production process description, information for doctors and patients, documentation, quality control, methods of analysis description, certificates of analysis, validation, periodic reports on drug safety and other regulations).
  • Medical records, including handwritten (discharge summary, medical history, laboratory and instrumental examinations (CT, MRI, sonography), protocols, operations, medical opinions of specialists)
  • Clinical trials of drugs (clinical trial protocol, investigator's brochure, informed consent form, registration card, reports on the clinical research agreement to conduct clinical research, clinical research protocols)
  • Medical equipment documentation (manuals, maintenance and repair manuals, marketing materials, catalogs)
  • Scientific and popular scientific medical literature (scientific articles, conference proceedings, reviews, abstracts, theses, monographs, reference books, manuals for drugs for medical representatives, training manuals for doctors and medical students)
  • Other medical texts (business letters, medical websites, etc.)