Sync Translation

Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation is interpretation which is done simultaneously with the speech of the speaker. Simultaneous interpretation from English into German, French, Spanish, Russian and other language pairs can be organized with the help of special equipment and at least two professional interpreters.
Advantages of simultaneous interpretation:
  • User perception mode of information presenation - speaker's speech doesn't have any delays;
  • Reduced time of participant performances
Disadvantages of simultaneous interpretation:
  • Prices for interpretation are much higher in comparison with consecutive interpretation due to a high professional level and load on interpreters
  • Rental of specialized equipment
  • Simultaneous interpretation requires at least two experts familiar with the subject of interpretation
  • There is a possibility of information loss and a lesser degree of assimilation.
Requirements for simultaneous interpreters
In addition to rich vocabulary in both languages and an excellent knowledge of foreign and native languages, a good simultaneous interpreter needs to know set expressions and be able to quickly pick the target language equivalent. This makes his speech smooth and delay between him and the speaker almost invisible. Varieties of interpretation

Because of the large workload and high stress during events interpreters work in a certain mode with shifts no more than 15-30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation of speech is usually performed during major international events.

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