Tech Translation

"Alchemy Translation" agency provides services on translation of technical texts. Our translators have expertise in translation of technical documentation in the field of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, military equipment, automotive, etc.

Technical text is filled with specialized vocabulary, abbreviations and terms that often carry a set of different meanings. It is logical, clear and does not contain any stylistic presentation means. The translation requires the utmost precision, in-depth knowledge and experience in aviation, engineering and other fields.

Pharmaceutical Documentation (labelling, registration dossier for drugs, production process description, information for doctors and patients, documentation, quality control, methods of analysis description, certificates of analysis, validation, periodic reports on drug safety and other regulations).

Professional technical translation is required for proper operation of imported equipment, installation and maintenance of equipment at factories and service centers. Translation of technical documentation (drawings, manuals) and literature (translation of technical texts) are usually carried out by our team.

We would be glad to help you with technical translation of:

  • installation and operation instructions, user guides
  • patents, data sheets, brochures, scientific and technical documentation
  • solicitation documents, diagrams, AutoCad drawings
  • scientific research, technical conditions, specifications etc
We work with any format of the translated text and source: CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, XML, AutoCad.

The price and turnaround of technical translation depends on the complexity and technical field. Please contact us to get the estimation of your project.